kinect + infrared LED tracking?

Hi, I’m quite new into OF and I’m not sure if here is where I have to post this question, but here it goes.

I want to track an infrared LED to obtain the coordinates of it and draw something into the screen. I want to know if I can use the IR camera from kinect to track the LED and, if so, how can I do that? should I do blob detection? Does openCv work for that? I already have openni working…

I’m really lost with this.


Yes you can. You should check the example in ofxKinect add-on it will give you some ideas. Open the Kinect in infrared, then use OpenCV to detect blobs. You can choose to detect only one blob (the biggest). Check as well OpenCVExample in the examples/addons folder of OpenFrameworks.

I am going to have to disagree on this; the kinect is going to have big problems tracking a light source. It’s not really going to detect it well if you’re shining it on a wall (for example), nor will it detect it well if you’re shining it “at” the kinect. The kinect will “chop out” when a bright light is in it’s vicinity, and little lights just show up as unstable black voids - too noisy for detection.

Detecting a blob? Sure. Detecting a light reliably? No.

og thanks! but I couldn’t make it work. When I track the light with openCv and my webcam it works ok (not an IR LED but a normal one)… but when I try to use the same tracking with the IR LED and the IR kinect’s camera it doesn’t recognize anything… I guess gtoledo3 is right

I guess I will try with a wiiMote… or any of you has better idea??? I’m kind of lost here…

Thanks for the replies to both of you!