Kinect has problems with black clothing?

It seems my kinect v1s have problem with black clothing. When I am infront of the camera with my black jacket my upper body is not recognized and then when I open my jacket and my red pullover shows it is recognized.

Have you had similar issues?

I also found some old threads about this topic.

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Definitely an issue I’ve run into. Not much you can do about it I’m afraid.
Sometimes if the environment has quite a bit of ambient light you can get it to pick up blackish items by reducing the ambient light ( closing blinds, turning off incandescent bulbs etc ).

It is rare to affect the whole body though, so if someone is wearing black jeans and you are doing blob tracking from depth you could extend the blob bounding rectangle down to a known floor height to compensate.

It will def break skeleton tracking. Or in displaying the depth image where you want it to look like a person.

ok thanks. In this sitation it was already late at night. So no much light outside.