Kinect freezing - how to troubleshoot?

I’m a pure beginner to OF and no knowledge of C++, basically I’ve been experimenting with the Kinect libraries for Processing, playing with TUIO, and I’ve had a pretty constant “freeze” behavior will all of the compiled apps I’ve tried, from the Shiffman Processing examples, the Theo Watson ofxKinexct examples, and TUIO Kinect examples.

The behavior is pretty much the same every time, it works for 1, 2, or 5 minutes, and very rarely it will go a long time before the display freezes up. functions like thresholding and other calculations seem to continue functioning within the apps, it just freezes and seems to keep performing those instructions on the last dataset sent from the Kinect. I thought I was seeing a pattern of the led on the Kinect flashing green at times, and solid green at others but I can’t really seem to make a correlation yet.

I’m on Mac 10.6.3, Xcode 3.2, if there are any other system of config details that will help please let me know.

I’m pretty foreign to tracing out errors like this and I’m wondering if anyone has any hints as to what might help me figure out what might be causing the problem. Could it be a USB issue?