Kinect driven virtual fitting room

Hi. For a current project am exploring use of a Kinect for a type of virtual fitting room where the user would see themselves wearing a virtual sweater, complete with realistic cloth simulation. Could anyone recommend either existing demos or addons I might uses as a starting point?

The skeleton detection shouldn’t be a big deal. The slick cloth simulation will be much trickier. Here is an addon that might be helpful:

But it is 6 years old (I’ve never tried it) and I think you might be much happier using the Unity game engine. They have a very developed cloth simulator and it is easy to use the Kinect with it (especially if you are on windows).

If you ever have trouble getting the skeleton info in whatever you use this is a helpful tool to know about:

This isn’t exactly what you are doing, but here is a fun puppeting drawing application made in OF

Also just an idea for the physical setup. It is easy to do with a oneway mirror and a monitor behind it. (You don’t actually need this particular TV glass). I was excited about this idea originally, but when I tried it out I was disappointed because weird things happen when this interacts with your eyes. AKA the virtual image optically doubles when you look at the mirror and vice versa.