Kinect Draw 3D - Compilation Errors. How to Fix?

I’ve got a compiling issue with Kinect Draw 3D (source here: I have Open Frameworks and OFXKinect working perfectly, so the problem is with the code (or missing files) for Kinect Draw 3D itself.

Here are the errors I get when I try to compile (30 total):

It seems to be missing files that are necessary, though I’m not certain where to locate them (or where to put them if I do find them).

Thank you for any advice or suggestions.

i have the same exact problem, i need help on this too

Well, ofSetHexColor is a new function in the unreleased next version of OpenFrameworks, so I would guess that the code you are compiling isn’t compatible with the current release version of OF?

So I guess (I don’t know! :slight_smile: you would either have to download the latest version of OF from github:
though that version might be unstable.
Or you might be able to downgrade the code the requires ofSetHexColor (it seems to be ofxSimpleGuiToo?) to an older version that is compatible with the OF version you currently have installed.