Kinect depth video sample

hello all,

I am working on a small app which will use a kinect.
As i don’t have one for now, i was wondering if there is a possibility to read a depth map video to simulate the kinect before i can test it with a real usb attached device ?

If so, where can i get such a sample ? Ideal would be a sample loop with just a hand.

thanks a lot.

happen to be working with kinect, I can give you some 16 bit png sequences if you want

yeah if you think this is the right format to work as if it were a kinect v1 i would really appreciate !


ok here you go:
2 sequences; one in mid air and one above table/keyboard

16 bit png, so the values seem dark but it is the distance in mm from the kinect
use with ofShortPixels

I used this addon to read them from the kinect:


hey !

ok thank you very much. I will see what i can get with this.

Thanks again

Hey @Kj1 can you upload those again? I can mirror them.

sorry, dont have them anymore