Kinect Cloth

Hey guys, I took the idea of Kinect Cloth in Processing from Victor Martins, in order to make my own implementation in Openframeworks, because simply I was curious to see how it’s done, since Victor does not shared his code. Here are the results:

The source code is available here:

I would love to get some optimization tips, if someone else has done something like this before.


wow, looks great! i really like how smooth the normals look in the second one.

This is great! Thanks for sharing and providing code. I was able to get this up and running with 007.

When I set the image to 800x600 (instead of the default 640X480), objects on the far left get clipped and the clipped parts are shown on the right of the cloth. Cool effect/ glitch, still trying to figure out why it happens!

Thanks again for sharing!


Super Nice!
thanks for sharing.
I’ll give it a try right now

yeah, thanks for sharing. congratz, nice work!