Kinect-based shape reconstruction project


I made a simplified implementation of “kinect fusion” shape reconstruction method, using openFrameworks.

There is a more detailed description with some demo videos:

One of the modules, which does transformation of kinect’s data into 3d space points on GPU, is packaged as an addon:

Regards, Sergey.

Hey this is really cool! I’m really curious about how it works. I’ll take a look to the code :slight_smile:

Hi Sergey, after some issues posted in github, finally i tried it with my kinect. but i can see only the measured image with depth i can’t see any other images.My kinect works good ,i’m sure i checked it with the kinectExample addon. From the console I got only zero values from my GPU… Maybe a video card problem? i got very few FPS. I m’using a Nvidia gt540m card on a Samsung notebook . I have to use Bumblebee driver for Nvidia Optimus tecnology so i can’t use the original Nvidia driver… Maybe this is the reason? But i was able to use CUDA without any problem in others applications even with OF. If you can give my some advice It will be very appreciated.

Great example Sergey!
Did you found any solutions kalwalt?
I have a Nvidia gt540m and had issues with CUDA drivers as well.
Did anyone managed to use the example with OSX or Windows?
I’m trying to do with Windows, I will post it here if it works.

Did you found any solutions kalwalt?
I have a Nvidia gt540m and had issues with CUDA drivers as well.

no, i haven’t found any solution… Sorry, i think it needs Cuda driver for developers that bumblebee (as i know for now) don’t use. I have had other problems in Ubuntu with Cuda with software that needs dev. CUDA drivers I think it’s easier get it working in Windows for this reason. Do you have also a Optimus Nvidia card? by the way the Sergey app help me a lot to set up CUDA with Openframeworks . I start do develop a little addon with Optix . I think that the modifications to the makefile should be added permanently to the OF core. What do you think about? Anyway if you get it to work in Windows , let us know!

Very good, thanks for sharing.