kinect and hardware with ofxkinect

hi , i am very interested in the kinect device and OpenFramework. I would like to use it and developing a little project with ofxKinect. I was thinking if there is some hardware limitations about the machine that one could use. I mean , what cpu or video card,ram is needed with a kinect? I have seen in the forum that many people use the kinetic with openframework. My preoccupation is do not waste my money if i buy a kinect and my pc don-t support it… i have a notebook vaio vgn-ar51e wit a intel Core 2 duo processor T7250 2ghz, 4 gb DDR2 ram, and Nvidia Geforce 8400GT gpu…
Thanks to all.

I would think your machine would be fine. I am assuming you have a USB port.

thank you @jvcleave. yes ,of course i have a usb port…I’m going to buy a Kinect…! :slight_smile:

ok, now i-have my kinect…! but how i connect my kinect with my pc? because it is needed a power supply and a normal usb connector… i have found different solution on google ( also do it yourself solution with soldered cables and ect…) but i want a smart solution … i have found this on e.bay what do you think? do you know others manifacturers?

another question do i have to install some drivers to use the kinect? and after use the Theo code on github? please, if someone have the patience to well explain all the steps to use the kinect with linux Ubuntu, i will really appreciate it.
thanks :slight_smile:

your kinect should have came with that adapter if you bought it new. If not the adapter is very nice as the usb cable is long

Start out with the ofxKinect examples as all the libraries you need are there. I believe it should be self-contained like the Mac (what I use) and you shouldn’t need to install anything else.

i have bought the kinetic with the new xbox 360… so no adapter included.( probably it is included if you bought it separately) I think i will order a new one . i ve tried to build and to compile the code found in the github repo of @theo and @arturo but with no success…
i will trying again, and the if i have again troubles i will post asking help,Maybe i will try also the windows project, because i-m newbie to ubuntu.

last, i -ve found very interesting this and this

yeah - libfreenect is what ofxKinect wraps. Interesting to know that the adapter didn’t come with the xbox.

[sup]Interesting to know that the adapter didn’t come with the xbox.[/sup]
this happens in Italy when you purchase the kinect bundled with the xbox… i don-t know if the cable is included with the kinect solded separately. the fact is that you have to buy an cable separately . Maybe in USA is different. Anyway , if someone want to buy in italy a kinect pay atttention to this thing, ask to the vendor if it is included the usb cable to connect to the pc.