Kinect 1414 raspberry pi 2 OF 0.9.3

Hi, I can’t get working my Kinect 1414 on the PI. My Raspbian is up-to-date, of 0.9.3 arm6. Official power suppli 2.5A, and the kinect works fine on my linux laptop. Here is the example :

[verbose] ofxKinect: context inited
[verbose] ofxKinect: 1 device found
[verbose] ofxKinect:     id: 0 serial: A00365A12876136A
send_cmd: Input control transfer failed (18)
freenect_fetch_reg_const_shift: send_cmd read 18 bytes (expected 8)
freenect_camera_init(): Failed to fetch const shift for device
[ error ] ofxKinect: could not open device 0
[warning] ofxKinect: update(): device -1 isn't delivering data. depth: 0 color: 0  , reconnecting tries: 1

Once i get only the video RGB during few seconds and then disconnect. The usb is well recognized, i don’t know what is going wrong. Any idea ?

Ok. It works with 0.9.8.
Even if there is this message
[Stream 70] Expected max 1748 data bytes, but got 1908. Dropping...
That’s make the depth image really, eventually a usb speed problem ?

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Same issue here ! But im using 0.9.8.

the “[Stream 70] Expected max 1748 data bytes, but got 1908. Dropping…” I´ve also got it tryng in python, but in python works everytime as it also work in processing.

Any help with this issue?

Im suffering the exact same problem