Kinect 1414, OpenNi2 & Nite, Windows 10, OF 0.10.0

Hey there,

Is there any option to make work Kinect 1414, with OpenNI2 and Nite, on Windows 10, for OF 10?

I saw the @grimus updated addon for Kinect 2 ( Anyone knows if there’s any similar for Kinect 1414?

Is there any option I could try?

I know it’s complicated combination, but right now I dont have anyother option. Thank you so much!!

Hi, I haven’t tried that combination, although, as being on Windows I would use the Microsoft tracking as it works much better than openNi’s.
That addon was originally made for the kinect 1414, and then adapted to use the libfreenect driver, which, if I am not wrong, supports the kinect 1414. Hence, theoretically, it should work.
Have you already tried it? if so what’s happening?

Hi leefeel, look at this Blob segmentation / User mask

I just completed a project similar to yours, maybe it can help you


Thank you Roy for your fast response. When you say Microsoft tracking, you mean Kinect Developer Toolkit? For that, Do I need Kinect for Windows drivers? Or Kinect DK works with libfreenect? Any OF addon that works with this SDK?

I downloaded Kinect SDK 1.8 and Kinect Developer Toolkit 1.8. Do you mean to use this sdk? Any addon over this sdk on OF 0.10.0 for Kinect 1414?

Thank you so much

Hello @Paolo. Thank you for your reference, if could be really helpfull to have a reference project that works with OF 0.10.0. I didnt understand very well your answer on the other thread.

Did you get any stable configuration with Kinect 1414, Windows 10 and OF 0.10? In that casse it would be very helpful to know which comboination of drivers, and addons you had.

Grazie Paolo

Hi leefeel, I’m not at work until evening, but I found my combination of drivers - I didn’t user OpenNI2 but OpenNI (Nite was used for getting the user mask)

Kinect 1414 / WIN 10 / OF 0.10 / ofxOpenNI -> works
Kinect 1414 / OS X 10.11 / OF 0.10 / ofxOpenNI -> crash

If your app must run only on Windows, I would use Kinect v2 + ofxKinectForWindows2, IMHO it’s much better then Kinect 1414 + ofxOpenNI. It allows you 6 users in place of 4 it’s faster in terms of user detection, it’s not based on a very old and not supported technology. If you need only blob detection the best is ofxKinect, it runs perfectly on any platform.

Thanks @Paolo for your fast response. I got Kinectv2+ofxKinectForWindows2 working on another machine, but I cannot have that configuration now.

So, I’m interested in: Kinect 1414 / WIN 10 / OF 0.10 / ofxOpenNI

Sorry to be very specific. But I didnt find any thread with this concrete configuration details. So I would really appreciate if you can share the detailed configuration. Thank you so much!

Hi @leefeel
As @Paolo mentions, the kinect v2 works a lot better.
As far as I remember ofxNi2 worked a lot better than ofxOpenNi.

I’ve just updated ofxNI2 to compile in OF0.10.1. Although I am on macos. I forked from another fork which had the libs for windows too.

I will test it with the kinect 1414 later today, as I dont have it at hand now.

If you follow the readme for Windows it should work, as basically what needs to be done is to link the libraries correctly.
Please let me know if it works on Windows.

I updated ofxNI2 to work with both kinect V1 and V2, at least for now on macos. On linux it should also work but I need to compile the libfreenect driver for it (and I dont have a linux install atm). Unfortunately I dont know if this works on windows. Please give it a try and let me know.

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Thank you so much @roymacdonald! I will give it a try and I post the result.

So, I’ve been following the steps of the readme of ofxNI2. I write it in detail:

1.- I installed libusbK v. for audio, camera and motor. After this I tried the OF10 example kinectExample.sln. And it’s working well.

2.- I clone ofxNI2 in my addons. And copied example-user-tracker to myApps folder.

3.- I run project generator importing myApps\example-user-tracker and updating it. I checked the bin folder of the project and the dll are properly updated:
NiTE.ini OpenNI2.dll NiTE2.dll OpenNI.ini

4.- I open the project on Visual Studio 2017, change to x64, It compiles, but crashes and exits:

1253370 INFO New log started on 2019-06-28 12:41:53
1253517 INFO — Filter Info — Minimum Severity: VERBOSE
1254037 VERBOSE No override device in configuration file
1254268 VERBOSE Configuration has been read from ‘C:\Users\ivang\of_v0.10.1_vs2017\apps\myApps\example-user-tracker\bin\OpenNI.ini’
1254420 VERBOSE OpenNI 2.2.0 (Build 33)-Win32 (Nov 12 2013 16:11:44)
1254510 VERBOSE Extending the driver path by ‘…/…/…/…/addons/ofxNI2/libs/OpenNI2/lib/vs/x64/OpenNI2/Drivers’, as configured in file ‘C:\Users\ivang\of_v0.10.1_vs2017\apps\myApps\example-user-tracker\bin\OpenNI.ini’
1254688 VERBOSE Using ‘C:\Users\ivang\of_v0.10.1_vs2017\apps\myApps\example-user-tracker\bin…/…/…/…/addons/ofxNI2/libs/OpenNI2/lib/vs/x64/OpenNI2/Drivers’ as driver path
1254839 VERBOSE Looking for drivers in drivers repository ‘C:\Users\ivang\of_v0.10.1_vs2017\apps\myApps\example-user-tracker\bin…/…/…/…/addons/ofxNI2/libs/OpenNI2/lib/vs/x64/OpenNI2/Drivers’
1266596 WARNING Failed to load library ‘freenect2-openni2.dll’. Error code: 126
1266774 VERBOSE Couldn’t use file ‘freenect2-openni2.dll’ as a device driver
1275845 WARNING Failed to load library ‘freenect2.dll’. Error code: 126
1275984 VERBOSE Couldn’t use file ‘freenect2.dll’ as a device driver
1349531 WARNING LibraryHandler: Couldn’t find function oniDriverCreate in libjpeg-62.dll. Stopping
1349694 VERBOSE Couldn’t use file ‘libjpeg-62.dll’ as a device driver
1352808 WARNING LibraryHandler: Couldn’t find function oniDriverCreate in libusb-1.0.dll. Stopping
1352970 VERBOSE Couldn’t use file ‘libusb-1.0.dll’ as a device driver
1356588 INFO New log started on 2019-06-28 12:41:53
1356737 INFO — Filter Info — Minimum Severity: VERBOSE
1361198 INFO New log started on 2019-06-28 12:41:53
1361319 INFO — Filter Info — Minimum Severity: VERBOSE

** I don’t know how to proceed from there… I see that it’s trying to load freenect2, but Im working with Kinect 1414, it should use freenect instead?

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Hi @leefell, I suggest to follow @roymacdonald addon, OpenNI2 is better than OpenNI1 and ofxNI2 has been just updated by Roy. Because these libraries are really old, any combination of OS version, OF version, compiler, driver, ecc… work differently from the others and finding the right one is tricky. Anyway I used this version of ofxOpenNI - driver are included in the addon.

Finally look at the incoming Kinect V3: it has no flickering on edges

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Hi @leefeel,
you’re right, you need libfreenect not libfreenect2. The thing is that libfreenect, at least on macos requires to be compiled with the option for linking to openni, but there are no instructions about doing it for windows. Maybe you could follow the same steps as for macos/linux on windows and it might compile. no idea.
As @Paolo suggests it can get quite tricky as it is an old library. That addon he is linking uses openNI1. You could give it a try and it might work for you but based on my experience there was a huge improvement on tracking with openNI2.
I’ll see if I can get to compile it on windows on a virtual machine. I’ll let you know.

BTW, that new kinect looks awesome. super smooth depth data :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @roymacdonald. In this side of the world it’s hard to get a Kinect V2, so for the moment I need to make this Kinect 1414. I’m new on this kinect drivers and libraries world, so I’ve been having a look to the compiling process but it seems difficult to start without the knowledge.

I would be very greatful if you get to compile it. In the meanwhile I will continue with other parts of the project.

@Paolo, Kinect 3 looks awesome. Looking forward for a project where I can use it .

THank you community!

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I agree Kinect V2 would be a better option (while waiting for Kinect 3), but if you are constrained by the budget as I was, Kinect V1 + Windows 10 didn’t work for me.
There’s a thread in this forum about it, SOLVED! :))))))))) ORIGINAL KINECT FOR WINDOWS + WINDOWS 10 64bit?. (It suggests which zadig version to use to install the drivers, not too leaned to skeleton tracking)

Summed it up: it seems OpenNI2 and therefore ofxNI2 addon needs Windows SDK 1.x
on windows . I installed SDK 1.7 and 1.8 with compatibility mode with Windows 8 and Window 7 and none of that worked. Drivers: I tested all flavours, but I used the one suggested in the thread above.
Since I was near a deadline, I made the project on linux (Ubuntu) using kinect V1 (1414, 1473) + ofxNI2 + of .10. I never had problems with ofxNI2 under Linux and is way better than ofxOpenNI.
If you make it work on Windows, I will appreciate any comments about the procedures you followed.

@roymacdonald I’ d like to know if you could test your addon on Windows 10. I did but there´s seems to be a driver issue, I just got a grey window. I think it can’t get the device working, there’s no message at all though. Best!

PS: I don’t have any problem with ofxKinect addon, do they use a different driver?

Hi @kovicic
No I have not tested it on windows. The difference is that libfreenect is compiled in a different way so it can support openNI, but it seems that this option only works on macos and linux. I am quite busy now so I cant really invest time on trying to make it work for windows. sorry.

@roymacdonald thanks for your reply, don’t bother, actually I wanted to know the procedure in the case you had tested it succefully on Windows 10. I will keep the addon working on Linux then.

Sure. Btw, my addon needs to get the libfreenect compiled to use openNI on linux. I haven’t done such. The readme has instructions for doing it.