Kinect 1414 freezing with OF 0.8 and OSx 10.9

Hi all !

I’m experimenting some trackpad and keyboard freezing when running OF 0.8 kinectExample … I’m under OSx 10.9 with XCode 5 and my kinect it’s a 1414 model.

Everytime i run kinectExample i got freezing inputs … unless i keep moving the mouse insistently when loading up the app.

Has anyone find similar problems ? Any idea on how to solve it ?
It it related to this issue report :

thanks for any hint or direction to look for …

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Hi Eloi! I think i have the same problem using 2 kinect (1414 model) in OF 0.9. It seems that sometimes after random time… one kinect freeze and i have to restart the app. Did you solve your problem?

Hi @Mauro !

Sadly … all i can remember today (2 years after) is a vague : “sad but true” … so play with the mouse insistently when loading the app …

I can’t remember if i found a way arround …
I thought that it might be fixed for OF 0.9 ¿? …

Strange altough that there is no one with the same issue …

Whic OSX are you playing with ?

I’m running my app on El Capitan… :frowning:

I might have Figured it out @Mauro . just by reinstalling openNI Drivers. I have downloaded this:

Drivers Here

and updated the kinect with Driver Installer

Just make sure you use advance mode on Zadig to reinstall the driver the option that worked for me was libusb-win32 (v1.2.6.0)

I dont get dropped frames or freezing.

Let me know if this works for you. I’m running windows 10.