Killing an ofx app from osx

Hi All,

I’m trying to schedule a shutdown of OSX such that my app runs nicely each day but ofx halts the shutdown process. Is there an easy way to kill an openframeworks app?

Similar to this post -

but on OSX - something like “shutdown -r now” that doesn’t require being a super user - or something like “kill” that doesn’t require me knowing the PID only the app name

Cheers James

Ok I found something that works

killall -m procname

Is there anyway to make an OFX app respond to the SIGTERM and SIGKILL notifications?

I’m using a launch agent to startup the app and it says in the doco that it sends a sigterm (or a sigkill based on the " EnableTransactions" value in the launch agent plist but ofx seems to ignore this.

instead of using the system pref schedule to turn the mac off and on i started using this great software

it turns all apps of, even if they need saving, even if you have a remote user connected etc.
you can even schedule multiple ONs and OFFs per day.

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