'keystone' or 'warp' an image based on kinect angle.

I have a program created to use the Kinect, with the kinect sitting on the floor. I rely mostly on finding contours and blobs with ofxCv library. It’s working fairly well so far.

I’m relying on the contours primarily because this will eventually be scaled up to a setting with six kinects, so the more basic I keep this functionality, the better.

**How would I apply a keystone to the image to counteract the angle of the kinect. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do that, and some of the posts I found have been more than my feeble newsiness can handle. **

We are presuming a ‘perfect’ distance of about six feet from the kinects, where an image taken of participants, keystoned or warped to perfection, would be almost seamless across the whole space. Viewport problems (people too close or far not lining up properly) would be acceptable for coarse interaction…

You could try opencv perspective transform function, for example, like here: http://forum.libcinder.org/topic/crop-image-with-polygons

This is what you want. If you need help using it just ask.