Keynote Presentation using Hand gestures

I have created a small hand gestural system using Kinect and Sony eye.

Here is a small demo of it.


looks cool, great stuff.

just wondering how are you dealing with the problem of moving your hand back - as you need to of course - when both hand motion directions seem to trigger independent events (i.e. slide forward and back).

my experience with these things is you swipe forward and then inadvertently swipe backwards as you move you hand back. unless you carefully move you hand out of the camera view on the way back - but that never struck me as a robust solution.

imho gestures and combos are the key to avoid unwanted triggers: we’re waving our hands in the air without touching anything, so the mouse and multitouch metaphor is not totally usable.

another important thing is giving is avoiding that user is obliged to keep his hand up for the whole session: it takes just a few minutes to develop a gorilla-arm syndrome :slight_smile: