Keeping Openframework updated

Hi Everyone,

Quick questions, what’s the best way to keep OF up to date? Do you create a new folder for each new version of OF? Or is it better to have one directory only that is updated (via GIT??) Is there a good way to keep one centralized “folder” for all the apps and addons?

I’m just getting started with OF and I’m curious to know how other people are handling this part and organize their working folders :slight_smile:



It depends on how you want to develop your applications.

If you are working on a big application, which will require months of development, you should stick to a single version, for example, v0.8.4. Working with older versions do not include new features, but offer more stability. In that case I would just download a zip file and work on that, knowing you will not need to update OF for that project.

If you want to benefit from the latest features and bugfixes and work on small apps, then you could just clone the git project to a folder, and work in there. Whenever you want to update OF, just git pull the latest changes!

Hi Hennio, cool thanks for taking the time to reply and share those tips. I’m experimenting a bit with both method now :wink: