Just trying to get started on OSX, and hitting these errors

Hi there,
Following the tutorial on the site I end up with these errors:

shared:ERROR: Assigning a non-existent settings attribute "OUTLINING_LIMIT"
shared:ERROR:  - did you mean one of INLINING_LIMIT?
shared:ERROR:  - perhaps a typo in emcc's  -s X=Y  notation?
shared:ERROR:  - (see src/settings.js for valid values)
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Would it work like in the documentation on 0.98 instead? I’m currently working with 0.10 and rolling back wouldn’t be a big issue

can you try if the nightly builds work for you?

I’m getting the same errors on macOS using both OF 0.10.1 and the latest nightly.

it might be some deprecated flag, try using an older toolchain but i’ll take a look later

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I’ve tried with the nightly and i’m getting the same errors. I havent used emscripten before, so there might be something I’m doing wrong too.
Here is what it spits out when i set the system paths etc.

Miless-MacBook-Pro-8001:emsdk mileswarren$ source ./emsdk_env.sh
Adding directories to PATH:
PATH += /Users/mileswarren/Documents/Developer/emsdk
PATH += /Users/mileswarren/Documents/Developer/emsdk/fastcomp/emscripten
PATH += /Users/mileswarren/Documents/Developer/emsdk/node/8.9.1_64bit/bin

Setting environment variables:
EMSDK = /Users/mileswarren/Documents/Developer/emsdk
EM_CONFIG = /Users/mileswarren/.emscripten
EMSDK_NODE = /Users/mileswarren/Documents/Developer/emsdk/node/8.9.1_64bit/bin/node

I opened an issue.

I could compile the 3dPrimitiveExample project after removing -s OUTLINING_LIMIT=100000 flags (appears 2 times) from config.emscripten.default.mk.

However, when I run the project with emrun bin/3DPrimitivesExample.html, I get the following error in the console section.

[notice ] ofxAppEmscriptenWindow: Got 1 display configs
this function has been removed - you should use UTF8ToString(ptr, maxBytesToRead) instead!

And nothing appears in the window section.

P.S: I tried this using the latest nightly.

I did the same as you, I tried using an application i’m building which is very simple but relies on looking for a couple of .txt files. With that I didn’t get the second line you have there, instead i got:

To use dlopen, you need to use Emscripten's linking support, see https://github.com/emscripten-core/emscripten/wiki/Linking

The OUTLINING flag and the UTF8ToString errors are now fixed in master and will be in todays nightly.

The dlopen problem seems to be some weird error that is now triggered by any opengl draw call. I’ve opened an issue on emscripten github’s to see if i get any answer: https://github.com/emscripten-core/emscripten/issues/8861

Thanks arturo!
I’ve got a project that’ll be need to be basically completed within a week, do you think that it would be realistically usable within the next couple of days? No worries either way, i’ll just go in another direction if it might be an issue

no idea really, seems like something that might be fixed just by changing a flag or something but can’t find what’s going on. I might try using older versions of emscripten since this was working before. The problem is that the libraries are now compiled with a newer version so they might not work with an old enough version of emscripten to solve the problem.

IF that’s the case you could try compiling the libraries as well as your app using an older version of emscripten

ah ok, i see.
So should i use an old oF version as well, or just an old emscripten?

just an older emscripten

ok, great. ill have a go in a bit and post back here

I tried using emscripten 1.36.10 (released in 2016) but still get the same errors.

mmh that’s strange wonder if it’s something we changed recently but can’t think of anything that has changed substantially since 0.10 was released in terms of gl draw calls

I tried emscripten 1.36.10 with OF 0.9.1 on macOS but still get the same errors complaining about the “OUTLINING_LIMIT”.

It is very strange. Do people get these errors on other OS than mac?

i got the OUTLINING_LIMIT error on linux (as a warning though) and every other error.

I’ve tried to install an older version of emscripten, but there’s issues emscripten side with legacy versions, I found an old emscripten-portable zip, but i haven’t been able to get that to work, so i couldnt test it further