just-in-time debugger?

Hi, I made a simple mouse drawing.
when I compiled it, it completely looks fine. but when I ran it. it shows this just-in-time debugger error. Does anyone know what this is?

I tried to follow instruction when you can see the error message window.
However, I couldn’t find anything like that from dev c++ (reference below)

Tools > Options >…

Does anyone have any idea? Thanks. :wink:


when you program crashes and you have visual studio installed, it will try to load the debugger for visual studio, no matter if you code was compiled by that compiler or not. I think there must be a way to turn it off from visual studio —

Check your code, it’s crashing somewhere: perhaps accessing an array out of bounds? post it if you want it to!

take care -

try in visual studio:

Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> Just-In-Time and disable VS as the JIT debugger

does that help?

then perhaps your app will just crash normally, instead of crashing and loading up the VS debugger.

or, try this page for more info…

hope that helps!