Just beginning

I’m new to openframeworks and to C++, and to programming for that matter. Any tips for a beginner on how to go about tackling C++ with a focus on using it for game development?
To what extent can openframeworks be used for game development? perhaps link me to another thread that discusses this? and lastly, what is the difference between downloading OF for code::blocks and downloading it for visual studio 2010?

Hi and welcome.
You can start from OF tutorials&documentation-> http://www.openframeworks.cc/tutorials/introduction/000-introduction.html

For code::blocks & VS2010 see here -> http://www.openframeworks.cc/download/

I also want to know whats the difference between using Visual Studio and Code Blocks.
Evidently they are two different IDEs and i suppose that the OF libraries of VS are organized different to the Code Blocks version.

Maybe a more specific question will be this:
Will a OF code written in VS will run exactly the same compiled in CB?

Sorry Dorald but there are no answers to Ohmu’s question in any link you are pointing to.