just a heads up: regarding ofxTrueTypeFontUC compile problems on windows

First of all I want to thank hiro for his great work with this one

The addon works perfectly on macitosh but

I recently tried to use it in of 07.4& 08 on windows8 and couln’t build because of a small compiler syntax issue:

(GNU GCC compiler)

the project, stopped at

this line:

  ustring character = util::ofxTrueTypeFontUC::convUTF16ToUCS4(src);  

from this :

#ifdef TARGET_WIN32  
  ustring character = util::ofxTrueTypeFontUC::convUTF16ToUCS4(src);  
#elif defined(__clang_major__) && (__clang_major__ <= 3)  
  wstring character = util::ofxTrueTypeFontUC::convToUCS4<wchar_t>(src);  
  wstring character = src;  

saying undeclared ustring character,

to compile move the namespaces declarations in the header file from below to above ofxTrueTypeFontUC class
(this doesn’t really matter but do it anyway)

then move

typedef basic_string<int> ustring;  

from the cpp file to the header, just above our namespace declaration that we just moved

and inside namespace just below wstring convToWString(string src);


** ustring convUTF16ToUCS4(wstring src);

and that’s it.

I’ve attached a zip with a modified version of the addon

again many thanks to hiro for his amazing work!