Job Opportunity - BNMI Mobile Applications Software Engineer

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This is a key engineering position that requires the ability to problem solve and communicate clearly in a highly creative and sometimes intense working/learning environment. Your primary activity will be to provide support to the Banff New Media Institute’s Advanced Research Technology (ART) Mobile Lab in its ongoing research activities. This position reports directly to the Director/Executive Producer of BNMI, but receives daily direction from the Senior Mobile Researcher. You will act as the technical lead for the ART Mobile Lab in all areas, including in-house software development projects, collaborations with external artists and partners, research of emerging technologies and platforms, usability research, technical evaluation, proposal writing and dissemination. In particular, you will be responsible for developing software applications for a variety of mobile devices using GPS, wireless internet, cellular network and sensor input to drive creation and playback of rich-media content, cross-platform user experiences, and other mobile and location-based interactive installations.