[job] Machine vision | Deep Learning | Body Tracking


Looking for an experience ofx developer with interest in the intersection of machine vision, deep learning, hand gesture tracking and recognition, and animation: We’ve created a simple and slick experimental data collection rig consisting of a mobile phone, a Leap Motion controller, and a custom ofx app that allows us to gather training data for hand tracking with an RGB camera. The end goal is a tool for kids to do gesturally controlled animations from drawings (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jadqli5sABc).

-The custom application for data collection is prototyped (hard parts are one), but needs refinement
-More data needs to be collected (ideally, ~500 hands, at ~1min per hand)
-Neural network setup can be refined

Remote paid work; please contact me at batchku [at] gmail [dot] com if interested.