Joan of Arc Art Project with openFrameworks

I made 3 art works for the Joan of Arc museum this year and one was with OF; my 1st OF project, rather simple, but the visitors seemed to have some fun with it :):
UPDATE: Here is quick montage of screen capture tests while learning & developing my project (more detailed info about the project to come):

More info about the project with photos, videos, blog, etc.:

PS: Re: all 3 works; with researching, learning, testing and trouble shooting, sometimes there is very little time for the art part, thus I must plan better for the next project, not work alone and propose less ! :wink:

Hey Julie, keep up the good work and see you !

Bizzz, Thierry

Salut Thierry, merci beaucoup ! J’espère que tu vas bien. BiZoo :slight_smile:

PS: Je fais la dernière vidéo projection MAPping le 15 septembre et après ça on peut se voir.

UPDATE: Added new video at top :slight_smile: