Javadoc/doxygen? And how to contribute to documentation


Am I the only one who feels that it sometimes hard to know where to find up to date information about oF?

There’s the oF site, the wiki, now the addons site, and still I feel I mostly end up trawling the forums for the info I really need…

For example, there’s no way to find out there are pre-pre-release downloads in the from “downloads” on the site, there’s no way to find the addons site ( ) from “addons” on the site ( ), etc.

I don’t mean to complain. I want to know if there is a plan, and how I can help.

The best way I can think of right now is by editing the wiki, but then that’s only adding to the confusion since most people will start looking at the oF site, not on the wiki.

So… how can I help?


PS -
While we’re on the topic of documentation. I really like the big “all docs on one page” format at, but I’m also a Java coder at heart and really confused that you seem to think of doxygen comments as something you’d “rather not fill the library with”.
How do the rest of you feel about this?

Hey Bridell,

I am getting on this as we speak - expect some big changes through January. As we haven’t gone into full release mode yet, there are still some files floating around in various places.

If you’d like to help that would be great! The idea is to sift the forum for useful nuggets and get everything onto the WIKI, with the forum being a proper forum.



So… I put in a little effort to shape up that ol’ wiki.

You’ll notice the main page of the wiki now contains some more links and stuff, and I started using categories to structure information a bit. There’s also a page for hardware where we can list different types of hardware that people have worked with.

Have a look and don’t be afraid to edit what I’ve done.
/Fredrik Bridell