Jason Saragih's FaceTracker library.

His website is down now that Apple have officially killed MobileMe for iCloud. Does anyone know if he’s hosting this library anywhere else? Or if anyone else has it hosted?

I’ve made a good honest attempt to track it down but without luck.

Thanks, and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.


Maybe this will help :slight_smile: http://ofxaddons.com/repos/3

But where can we find jason’s source ?
Or i miss the fact they’re inside the github repo ?

cgiles: Please email him to get the library Jason.Saragih@csiro.au
since he doesnt want anyone to redistribute the source. The only way is asking him
He would reply your email
good luck

Thanks for the email address fishkingsin and the info about him not wanting people redistributing his work.

The library is also available on gitHub for non-commercial use.

Is it possibly runnable in Visual Studio? Compatibility problems occur in AAM_Library and their web site is down :frowning:
(http://code.google.com/p/aam-library) And it does not seem to work on OpenCV 2.4.x either.