Im intressted in the workshop in japan, Im gonna be in tokyo until 15th of june. I got the newsletter but the dates for Japan was not set as those for London.

If I am avaible and over there Im for sure gonna try and attend ^^

I am a processing user and have not tried openFrameworks yet, I would be really happy to go to this workshop.

Could you give me more information on the place, and date once those are available ?

Thanks in advance ! :smiley:

we are doing an OF workhshop in fukuoka on the 19th, 20th and 21st (June). should be really fun, and we’d love to have you there:


also, I am giving a talk for friends in tokyo (along with Jussi from Art+Com) on june 17th, pm if you are interested in coming, and on the 18th I’m talking in the daytime about OF in Nara, NAIST.

hope to meet up in Japan…

take care,

Thanks for your answer !

I really really really want to join but Fukuoka is too far from tokyo for me to join >_<
However, I would be glad to join your talk in Tokyo!

I hope next time your workshop will be in Tokyo :slight_smile: