It's posible to avoid ofxGui float/ofxSlider label style 2.8e-15 to 0.000028?

I was wondering if this is possible…
to improve the sliders visually and change 2.8e15 to 0.000028 or 0.000.
if there’s something like a setPrecision(3) could do the job

You can add following lines in ofxSlider.h and ofxSlider.cpp

// ofxSlider.h
// somewhere in the public section
int precision = 0;
void setPrecision(int p){precision = p;};

// ofxSlider.cpp
// around line 230 
void ofxSlider<Type>::generateText(){
	//string valStr = toString(value.get());   // original code
	string valStr = ofToString(value.get(), precision);

And then use it like following.

// ofApp.h
ofxFloatSlider mySlider;

// ofApp.cpp

I did a quick test and it is working.
But it might cause an unexpected side effect because of a template.