It's normal to have a 12gb executable in debug mode in MAC OSX?

Hi all,

I’ve been working with OF quite some time, but I’m not still an expert on it (who knows when). The thing it’s that I realized that the executables that OF in Xcode is generating for my project are between 5gb and 12gb, and that seems too much to me.
The thing it’s that I use the program to loop and mix some prerecorded videos, stored in a media folder, and then it reads the folders and loads them in runtime.
First thing I thought it’s that it’s storing the videos inside the executable, but I’m not sure if that’s even possible to do… but the thing it’s that if I remove the media folder where the videos are stored, the program doesn’t work (as I, in my ignorance, expected), so i don’t know what am I doing to get those sizes in the executable…

Any Ideas of how can I lower that size? Thanks in advance for your help!!!

FYI The only addon I’m using it’s the ofxSyphon

if you right click the project and say “explore package contents” do you see the media in there?

I think this may be related to a bug on 0.9.3 and fixed in master:

this should be fixed in 0.9.3, perhaps you are using an older version?