itch - a graphical programming language for iphone

Hey folks. I got a tiny little release for you.

first some warnings. This is not safe, I don’t know if it will build, and then after it has built, I don’t know if it will run on your phone, and once it is running on your phone, it will almost certainly be frustrating and confusing.

That said, I needed to throw together some stuff for an art show at the end of the week, and I figured I would share it with yinz as well. There might be something interesting in the src code (e.g. the fucking event handler I build. arrgh, what a boondoggle).

OK! no more ado.

Here you have a graphical programming language for iphone, wayyy losely based upon scratch, inspired by turtle. There are a very few instructions, however, you are encouraged to add your own.

the demo vid:

a book I made with it:–…-ch/7449715 and the free pdf download: (watch out, giant)

the source code:

Hey - nice project.
Looks like there is lots of useful code in there - like save screengrab to library - thanks so much for sharing.

I grabbed the code and after about 30 minutes of xcode hacking got the project running in the simulator and on my iPod Touch with OS 2.1

Check the smily face:

If you want I can upload the xcode project with my changes - your project had a strange path structure so the xcode project didn’t know where to find anything.



the mind boggles that this source was actually compilable by someone else. I would love to see what you changed to get it working.

In regards to the pinch to zoom: the view that handles that actually has a CGAffineTransform that could support zooming. The real problem is the way that I have touches setup, I need to refactor to support multiple fingers being sent to a view. Not impossible though.

I think I may have stolen that screengrab thing from memo? I can’t really remember.

Haha - well

  • I had to change the path structure to relative to project.
  • Change the base sdk to 2.1 (don’t have 3.0 yet).
  • Find ProFont.ttf online
  • Read add the data folder
  • Fiddle with some build settings to stop it complaining about virtual functions in ofImage and ofTTF

But then it just compiled and ran - no complaints :slight_smile:

Here is the project - if you want to install it on a device you will need to change the company name in info.plist and also the code signing in both project settings and target settings.

Very curious to see how this project develops!

very cool. Some of those fixes are clearly just me not being mindful (the profont), but the virtual function one has been driving me crazy for a little bit now. I have been writing c wrappers anytime I need to use one of the addons that has virtual functions, although it has mostly been blowing up on ofxMSAShape3d.

thanks so much for doing this.

A secret hidden note, you can actually use variables, and there is a limited set of arithmetic that you can use on the variables. Check out the readme.textile. This is just a placeholder for actually implementing the nice variable system that scratch has going on.

hey no problem!

I figured it must be a compiler setting as I had used ofImage within ObjC before - I can’t remember which one it was. I think maybe switching from C99 to Compiler Default - but you could probably compare the two projects and see which settings I changed in the code generation / language sections.


Hey Theo I have tryed your fix but I ve got you projet’s path instead of my relative user/etc… I haven t been using xcode a lot. I was wondering if you could help me out to compile jonbro’s project :slight_smile: ?




Whoops the fonts folder had my path hardcoded in there.
This one should work fine if placed in apps/examples/ or apps/someFolderName
(of an iphone OF download)


Ha thanks for your time, really :slight_smile: !

I tryed and I get this when compiling. Did you mean the applications folder ? I doupt it, I have my xcodeprojects in Documents, is this bad ?


Ah, alliceeffekt, you need to download the ofiphone build, that is where your dependencies are missing.

Same problem here =[–