It is posible to upload an image to Instagram or facebook?

I wan´t to know if is posible to automatically upload images from a sketch to instagram or facebook. If is posible , could tell me wich way should I investigate to accoplish this?

thanks !

It is possible, but it is not straight forward. You need to:

  1. save your screen in an FBO and then into an image
  2. once you have the image, upload it to, let’s say, instagram. To do this, there is no addon ready to be used. Instagram uses OAuth2 as authentication, you will need to read the doc of their API, and implement a wrapper for openFrameworks. There is an addon where it is possible to read from Instagram. I guess you can use it as a base, and then try to implement the upload part.
    Regarding Facebook, i know that @hamoid faces the same topic recently, maybe he has some advice offers support for OAuth2 and has been used to upload to Instagram. I’d start w/ the OAuth2 client here:

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Than so much for the anwers ! I will tryed out everything !