It Dawned In Me- Interactive Projection

This projection was used as part of a workshop at the American School of Bangkok. The video projected depicts a sun hovering over the water’s surface. When viewers approach the projection their presence is detected and their contour is filled with a random color. Lines of light are drawn into the projection from the outer edge of the contour of their body to the farthest point on the water’s surface, directly under the sun. The lines are meant to replicate the line of light we see reflected on the ocean’s surface when we look out at the sun from the shoreline. The projected lines of light follow the viewer as they move in a similar fashion to the way that the sun’s reflected light appears to follow us as we move across the horizon in relation to the sun. In real life, this reflected line of light can be seen by anyone looking for it but always appears to be pointing directly at ourselves; we cannot see the line of light that is drawn to (and seen by) another- within the projection, each viewer who enters the projection area is added to the image and we can see lines of light drawn to each user, radiating in tandem with their movements.

**much thanks to Jason Van Cleave for his programming help and guidance with this project**