Issues with archiving and validate


I am trying to send to apple store an new app and I always receive same an error saying"xxx does not contain a single-bundle application or contains multiple products.". This error happens when I try to validate or submit in organizer. My application compile in device and simulator correctly ( ). I open with text editor and not see anything strange in project text files, all it is good rename… and I add in under Deployment set Skip Install to Yes. I miss now xcode 3.26…

It is welcome any suggestions where to look? Thanks all in advance

After losing some hours and finally successfully send it for review. I learned somethings thats I will share in a list:
* The IOS app Name cannot contain a number in first place of it. (My app was call 6TouchOSC, now change to sixTouchOSC )
* Remember to press a button in itunes connect in app details “Ready to upload”
* To rename xcode project, do it first with double click in xcode and later manually in text editor look all issues.
* Better to make with a general IOS profile with name.* to submit apps

I’m stuck now at the same point :

“iPhone+OF Static Library” does not contain a single–bundle application or contains multiple products. Please select another archive, or adjust your scheme to create a single–bundle application.

If I choose the scheme iPhone+OF Lib Project > iOS Device … it succeeds and add that stuff into organizer but gives that error.

What did you do to fix that ?

click on the OpenFrameworks dependency project inside of xcode,
go to Build Settings and make sure that the “Skip Install” option under “Release” is set to YES.
that should do it.

many thanks
I have put this parameter to yes for both project (the main, the included) and it didn’t work, indeed.

now it is ok