Issues with addons

Hey all,

So I’m using the newest OF (of_preRelease_v007_osx) with Snow Leopard and running XCode 3.2.
I am having trouble using the contributed addons. Specifically, I downloaded the ofxFlock from GitHub, placed it inside a workspace folder under the addons folder inside of my root folder and when I try to build the example, I get over 50 errors. The most striking thing to me was the error that was pointing to a .cpp file that no longer exists as part of the ofVectorMath library.

Perhaps its my noobness, so can I get a point in the right direction as to adding a contributed addon in OF and then using it?



ofxVectorMath.h is in the addon but is deprecated because all his content is inside the OF core . Maybe this post may help you:

p.s.i suppose you are working with oF 007 version…