Issue with storing glm::vec3 from ofPolyline to vector<ofPoint>

I was going over a guide on an audio visualizer and ran into the final errors of getting the vertices of my drawn circle and storing them onto a vector
I’m not too entirely sure if there is a way to converting the data point to match or if it is due to how old the guide is. Then again some adjustments to it should get me out of this right?
Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated

//draw main content to fbo
			//draw textured background from above
			bgFbo.draw(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT);

			ofSetColor(255, 255);
			//move to center of screen for rotation
			ofTranslate(WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT / 2);
			//rotate to beat of the snare (fftSmooth[7])
			ofRotate(count * 3);
			//move back to corner to draw
			ofTranslate(-WIDTH / 2, -HEIGHT / 2);

			//draw scattered points
			vector<ofPoint> vertices = circle.getVertices();
			for(int i = 0; i < vertices.size(); i++) {
				ofPoint pt = vertices[i];
				//calculate cyclical position
				pt.x += sin(pt.x + count * 0.5) * 30;
				pt.y += sin(pt.y + count * 0.5) * 30;
				//stretch out particles based on symbol hit
				pt.z *= fftSmoothed[27] * 200;
				//log vertex for line mesh
				//draw particle
				//size of particle is relative to the bass drum loudness
				ofCircle(pt.x, pt.y, pt.z, 3 * fftSmoothed[1]);

above code is what gives me the error “C++ no suitable user-defined conversion from “std::vector<glm::vec3, std::allocatorglm::vec3>” to “std::vector<ofVec3f, std::allocator>” exists”

since OF 0.10 ofPolyline::getVertices now returns a vector<glm::vec3> instead of vector<ofPoint> just change that and everything else should work

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