Issue with ofPoint in 0.9.8?

@arturo, I’m getting at least two errors when trying to compile a new project with ofxAppUtils and the latest openFrameworks (0.9.8) on OSX. In ofxParticle.h:

ofxParticle(ofPoint pos, float w, float h);

yields unknown type name ‘ofPoint’. And I’m also getting the same error for this line in ofxParticle.cpp:

ofxParticle::ofxParticle(ofPoint pos, float w, float h) :

I’ve defined the OF_USE_LEGACY_MESH constant in ofConstants.h but could only get around this issue by using glm::vec3 instead of ofPoint

Is there an issue with the typedef of the ofPoint class?

i don’t think you are using 0.9.8 but OF from github or the nightly builds right? glm is still not used in 0.9.8.

In any case i don’t see why that would happen ofPoint still exists and it’s defined as ofVec3f so it should work just fine.

if you could post a small example that shows the problem that would help finding what’s going on

That’s true - I am using a recent build so not 0.9.8 as such. I’m fairly new to all of this and have already built an app that’s bigger than I (or my laptop) can handle. But here are the error messages I get in ofxAppUtils:



If I change ofPoint to glm::vec3 it seems to work. Mind you I’ve just tried using glm::vec2 and it also worked. I have no idea what I’m doing.

it seems you are just not including the header that defines ofPoint. in ofxParticle.h it includes ofxTimer.h and ofRectangle.h if you also include ofPoint.h it should work. it worked before cause ofRectangle used ofPoint so it was included indirectly through ofRectangle but now ofRectangle uses glm::vec3 instead.

just add:

#include "ofPoint.h"

after the other includes in ofxParticle.h and it should work

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Cheers! That fixed it.