Issue initializing camera on redistribution

Hey oF community.

I’ve recently made a little simple app that mixes some live camera input with video playback.

It works really well for most OSX users but some people I’ve sent it to have had issues when it loads up.

They get the following error when calling videGrabber.setup(int, int)

‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘-[AVCaptureConnectionisVideoMaxFrameDurationSupported]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fbf9d11e2e0’

I can also post the full error log if that would be helpful to anyone, just a little confused what the issue might be.

I’ve checked and they are all on OSX 10.7 or above. Perhaps I need to change my build target?

If anyone has encountered this issue before or has any insight in to what this error message is telling me please let me know!

James Bentley

Hey oF community.

I seem to be having general problems with cameras when distributing my application. Quite often I’ll get the error above where the camera does not open and sometimes I’ll get blank frames coming in.

From the error reports I can see that all of the operating systems that are experiencing the problem should be supported (ie at or above my deployment target of 10.7).

Is there a general resource for distributing oF applications, specifically with camera activation but not necessarily. Any info I could get about this topic would be very useful!

can you open an issue in github with as much info as you can? also can you check if the nightly builds have the same problems? perhaps do a small prototype app that replicates the problem and try to send that same application using the nightly builds instead of 0.9.8


Thanks a Million arturo. I’ll have a look at changing the version to the nightly build and I’ll open an issue on github if I do still encounter it.


Just made an error report here:

Hope something comes of it! Will keep this thread and the error report updated as I get more info.