Issue getting OpenCV examples up and running

Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to openFrameworks. I wanted to start using the OpenCV library (and specifically the ofxCV version ( When I load this up in Xcode and open any example, I get an error “use of undeclared identifier glm,” which is occurring several times in the ofxCV utilities file and a few other places.

This seems to be some reference (maybe to OpenGL?) to something that doesn’t seem to exist in ofxCV; maybe I’ve installed it wrong or something.

Since I just cloned this straight from the link above right into my addons folder, I’m wondering if this is a common problem anyone using ofxCV has had? Is there something I’ve not downloaded? Or something broken?


See here and here … and don’t forget to include ofxOpenCv in your project as ofxCv relies on the included binaries!