Is this the right framework for creating audio plugins?

I want to create audio plugins to be used in a DAW, but I am unsure if this framework is the right choice.

not sure anyone has done this with oF.
That means implementing vst2, vst3, audio unit, maybe clap, and whatever plugin format. Probably getting GUI stuff working properly is also not that easy. It is definitely a lot of work.

I recommend checking out the following:

But there are quite some nice audio libraries for openFrameworks, that could help you prototyping or build stand-alone versions. here are some that I really like.

If you don’t wanna build a commercial product and are fine with hacky solutions, you could also use some virtual sound cards to route audio to oF and then back to your DAW.

To sum it up, I think oF is good for quick prototypes and experimental stuff, but when you wanna have a production-ready audio plugin that loads in DAWs, then I recommend the frameworks above.

hope that helps

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