Is there any ofxOpenCv OpenCV 2.4 milestone, has someone built it for OSX?


After searching around in forums and github I could not find what are the plans of implementing openCV 2.4 in ofxOpenCv. Is there any milestone for this?

The question arouse, when I tried to use block method


while using current ofxOpenCv (OpenCV-2.3.1). Got behaviour, which relates to this bug - affects version 2.3.1 and lower, was solved in 2.4.

Saw in that liquidzym has built it for windows . Gave a quick try last night, stopped at “CUDA thing”. Plenty of discussion around about it, thus it is solvable :slight_smile: … but maybe someone has ofxOpenCv with OpenCV-2.4.x for OSX lying around?


Just successfully built 2.4.1. w/o CUDA. “Hello world” things inside oF i.e. blob tracking works, which is great. However quick test showed that although I set to build OpenCV legacy support, cvCalcOpticalFlowBM() returns not declared. Will test further in the evening.