Is there any "minimap" addons for OF?

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Is there any “minimap” addons for OF?

I want to make a minimap viewer for image.

Like this:

How can make this by coding ?

As moving right white box, the left image must be scrolled in the picture.

take a look at the drawSubsection functions in ofTexture and ofImage.

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In your example (Dwarf Fortress), the map uses character images to show the map, and then on the “minimap” it draws the same data (and more, further out on the game’s world map) where instead of drawing characters, it uses colored dots for each square of the game map, colored based on the terrain.

There are of course other ways to do maps. Another approach might be to draw the same map images on both maps, but reduce the size each tile is drawn on the larger-scale map.

One approach I have used in my game map editors is to use ofImage for each terrain tile type, and then use the ofImage::draw()'s width and height parameters, scaled to a size appropriate to the zoom level (size) I want.

As for minimap add-ons, I don’t think there are any, unless they’re included in some of the “game engine” ones I haven’t checked out yet. Game addons are listed here:

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