Is there an image carousel addon?

I am looking for something like this, with the ability to hoover on the image and receive additional information on the image:

I know about ofxTimeLine, which decomposes a video into frames and displays each frame separately however this is a bit different.

I also saw this:
But the link is broken.

and this:
(Couldn’t find the source)


I don’t quite understand why you need an addon for this? Isn’t this kind of stuff the basics of openFrameworks and something you could/should write yourself? I believe an addon would just lead to unecessary abstraction (but I might be mistaken). The picture you’re linking to is from an example that can be found at examples/graphics/imageSequenceExample.

I am writing a google CSE image search add-on and I want to display the resulting images. I prefer concentrating on the code that retrieves the images rather than on the code that relates to the UI.
Isn’t the whole point of Openframeworks code re-use? why should I write something that may exist?

I did end up writing something on my own, but it is not polished.