Is there an addon or method to read PC mouse position on Mac?


I have a single-touch screen monitor that is unfortunately only compatible with PC, where I have been building my project with xCode and oF v0.9.2 . I have tried switching my code to Visual Studio 2015 on PC but unfortunately a few addon functions are not working on it… Hence, I have been suggested to find an addon to allow Mac to read PC mouse positions and I wonder if anyone has experience with it please? Or are there any way you might suggest please?

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If you needed to use two computers, you could have one computer stream touch information via OSC to the other computer over the network. the OSC sender and receiver examples that come with OF demonstrate how to send and receive data (and I think even demo sending mouse data).

I’m not sure to understand what you want to do,
if you want to use 2 computers, and read your pc mouse from your mac, you could use OSC or TUIO (which is OSC based) to send positions and mouse pressed events from one to the other
OSC is a core addon,

Thanks @zach and @talaron for your quick reply :)))
My description above may have caused confusion, and I will try to elaborate it more :)))
The single-touchscreen monitor I have is simulating mouse position on a PC through a USB cable. However, when I connect my Mac with the monitor, it couldn’t simulate the mouse function at all.

Moreover, I am not using 2 computers, ideally I will connect a MacMini with the touchscreen monitor only, may I ask if OSC sender and receiver still the option please?


Have you tested the device on a pc? Are you sure it doesn’t require a driver ? If it’s truly acting as a mouse I’d be curious why it doesn’t register on the mac, since usb mice are pretty universal and driverless. If it has a driver on pc you might have trouble getting it to run on the mac.

Hello Zach,

Thanks for your quick reply :)))
I have tested it with a PC and it works! I have contacted the company which made the monitor but the warranty of it has been expired it long time ago so it costs a lot to request a driver for Mac unfortunately… Hence, I have been suggested to see if there are ways for Mac to read PC mouse positions or to serve as a multi-mouse adaptor/controller~


this is an addon (I haven’t used this so I’m not familiar with it) which might help?

it wraps this:

Merci beaucoup! I will try that out :))) x

I would guess the problem is drivers I use a few different touch screens on OSX and have them working fine. Windows is really setup for working with touchscreens but OSX is far behind. To bridge the gap this company creates custom drivers for a variety of hardware. Once this is working you will see the touchscreen will function as a mouse with OF.

Thanks @fresla, I have looked up into touchbase and it said my monitor is out of warranty and that’s why I am looking for another solution~ thanks!!! x

Hi Karen,

I had medium luck with

You’ll need to put the vid and pid of the screen into the config file and the X and Y cords might need massaging to get them into the range you need. But I was able to get this working on a view sonic screen and a planar screen.

Hope it helps!

@cklkaren Can you give the make and model of the screen?

Yesyes, it is produced by Tyco Electronics called Elo TouchSystems with the model ELO-2110. You may find more information in the image below:


I am guessing you tried this but that monitor should use intellitouch from ELO, I have used these touch screens on OSX but not for some time. Here is the driver page from ELO

There are quite a few variations if you expand the legacy driver section. You may find that one of these drivers will work for your screen. Just be sure to uninstall them if they don’t work.

Theo’s solution also sounds very promising.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!
I have tried that before but there is no driver for my model and thats why I contacted ELO and they replied that I need to pay a large amount of money because my model is out of warranty…
I have been trying to work on what @zach suggested, and is going to try what @theo suggest now!
Thanks a lot everyone!:DDD


However, the mouse position is not as accurate, may I ask if this is the massaging you mentioned? If so, are there any way you suggest to “massage” it please?


I think you’ll need to play with these numbers:

static float scale_x = SCREEN_RESX / 3966.0;
static float scale_y = SCREEN_RESY / 2239.0;

on this line:

you could start off with setting the scale_x and scale_y to 1.0 and maybe print out the x and y values when you touch at the bottom right corner of the screen to see what the max x and y values being reported are. If its similar to your screen resolution then a scale of 1.0 might work, but some screens you need to divide by the max coords ( what you get when you touch the bottom right corner of the screen ) and then multiply by the screen width and height.

ie: if you max coords are 4096.0 by 4096.0:

static float scale_x = SCREEN_RESX / 4096.0;
static float scale_y = SCREEN_RESY / 4096.0;

You can change the SCREEN_RESX and SCREEN_RESY in the config.h

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot Theo :)))
I reckon the accuracy at the moment is that it has a mirror effect. For instance, when I touch the top left corner, the mouse appears in the low right corner; when I touch the top right corner, the mouse appears in the low left corner; vice versa. But I will definitely try to play around with the values like you suggested, thanks!!! :DDD

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