Is there an addon for TUIO-based multitouch interaction

is there an openframeworks addon for TUIO-based multitouch interaction,which includes widgets, simple touch gestures etc.?

There is ofxTUIO. I don’t know what is included though.

Thanks for your reply, but actually ofxTUIO is only a TUIO protocol wrapper, which can send and receive touch events, but I need a ready-to-use “framework”-like addon which has widgets that can respond to TUIO-based events, etc.

look through and if there’s something you can use.

there’s this framework:

i haven’t used it, but as far as i know it uses lots of templates and there’s not much documentation so it can be difficult to use

Using OfxTuio and Smallfly’s example on this forum thread : were both extremely helpful to me in getting started. SmallFly’s example includes scale, rotation, and drag gestures and that entire thread has lots of other bug fixes and solutions and merits a read through. For beyond that I’ve used this post by Didier Brun using as3 that interprets letters with Levenshtein distance. There’s probably a c++ library gesture library that’s more powerful though.

If you happen to be using one of the screen overlays from PQLabs ( I modified some of their examples and implemented additional gestures in this little wrapper