Is there a way of know if the project is compiled in XCode or not?

Pseudocode here:

#ifdef __XCODE__
#define USESYPHON 1


For what do you want that?

Hey I want to be able to compile the same project in XCode, including syphon for release, and with VSCode and Make for testing, and not having syphon enabled there. addon only works with XCode.

There is a recent update to ofxSyphon where better support for make was added. It compiles with make but it needs to properly link the dynamic libraries so it can run

Glad to know there is improvement in this area. from what I’ve seen it is not so simple or standard (project generator workflow).

Yes, it usually becomes not so straight-forwards when there are dynamic libraries involved. Although, there are a bunch of tricks that can be used, which I can not recall now but I will look for those and post.

heyho, i usually run a script similar to this one, when compiling with make:

you can also add an additional step to the build phases in your xcode project, in case linking dynamic libs does not work out of the box.

Hey Thomas! Thanks for posting.
right, that script is very similar to what is in Xcode’s project post compile “run script” phase, and it is what needs to be done to link a dylib.
It would be nicer if, for instance this script could be defined, in the addons config.