Is there a tutorial on how to use Open Frameworks on a mac without Xcode

I reckon this must be a standard question, and I can find some discussion on the internet regarding this matter but no single tutorial.

My needs are pretty basic – I don’t use Xcode at all – I find it very confusing. I’m more of a vi, eclipse and sometime Emacs person. I do use OSX for most of my development.

Is there anyway I can use Open Framework on OSX without having to learn Xcode. Simple vi and make files.

Thanks in advance.

every example comes with a makefile that is universal, just copy it to any project. also there’s a config.make which you can edit to add additional flags like libraries, external search paths… and an addons.make file where you can add addons that the project will compile just by adding them one per line

also, I haven’t tested this, but here’s a guide to using sublime text for OF

You can also use Appcode from Jetbrains. It can handle Xcode projects, but has far better editor and refactoring capabilities.