Is there a Mouse Wheel event?

Hi there,

I am trying to use the mouse wheel in my project and I can’t seem to find a mouse event for that.

I did some reading about it and I found some outdated posts about modifying glut in order to get the mouse event to get the scroll wheel.

I also found a more recent workaround for linux, but I’m developing my project mainly for osx and windows so that doesn’t help.

Are there any updates on this?


I managed to get it working by modifying the ofAppGLFWWindow::scroll_cb method. Although it’s working, I don’t like that I had to modify the framework to make it work. Is there any other way?

what version of OF are you using? there’s an specific event and callbacks in ofApp for this in 0.9

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Sorry for the late reply, I’m using v0.9RC2. Apparently I missed that event…

I’m using that now and it’s working perfectly. Thanks! :smiley:

Hi arturo
I have a slightly different context of problem . I am implementing a NUI device for visual feedback I am using openframeworks . In C I am able to perform cursor motion as well as clicks but in of only motion is a go clicks signal undefined reference whereas both are part of X11. ubuntu 14.04 , prob with XTestFakeButtonEvent(); should reside in /usr/include/X11/extensions/XTest.h

thanks priest

also interested in this
any reference about the mouse events from scroll wheels?
is it a mouse button 4 drag, or an up/down button style event?
can multiple scroll events fire per frame?
is it consistent across all platforms?
is bi-directional scrolling supported?