Is there a live environment?

Is there something similar in openFrameworks to OPENRNDR’s live environment oliveProgram or TemplateLiveProgram.kt Live coding with OPENRNDR by Edwin Jakobs - YouTube

Hi, sort of.
Because of the nature of OF, being written in C++ it is a compiled language so “like” coding options are just tricks to make it work.
There is this GitHub - mazbox/livecode-cplusplus: A simple C++ live coding environment based on openFrameworks
which lets you sketch something, and when saved it will compile and dynamically reload without you needing to close the app.
Then, if it is shaders that you are coding you can simply reload the shader when you modify it, without having to close the app and it will work. For this I like to use ofxAutoReloadedShader, which automatically reloads the shader file when it has changed.