Is the oF version x.x.4 suposed to be the most stable until a future release?

I’ve noticed that versions 0.7.4, and 0.8.4 have been the most stable versions (in my experience). Is this the trend in oF? Is 0.9.4 going to be a more stable version on most platforms?

whatever is the latest patch version (major.minor.patch) is usually the most stable since it’s the one with most fixes and no new features, if there was a 0.9.5 that would usually be more stable than 0.9.4 unless there’s some regression

Thanks, I thought devs considered x.x.4 to be a major milestone as those versions seemed to last longer until a next release. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or how I perceived it

yes just a coincidence, whenever there’s some fix to do after a minor release like 0.9.0 we do a patch release, there’s no limit to how many but by coincidence there’s been 4 patch releases for 0.7, 0.8 and probably 0.9

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