Is TARGET_NO_SOUND unsupported?

Just noticed that ofBaseApp now inherits from ofBaseSoundInput and ofBaseSoundOutput. In previous oF versions defining TARGET_NO_SOUND would properly disable sound. Is there a way to disable all sound in 0.9.0?

inheritting from those classes just means that the application implements certain methods but nothing else, if you use TARGET_NO_SOUND no sound libraries will be linked which is the main purpose for that macro

I’m trying this macro under Win x64 and seems to need fmodex64.dll next to the compiled application. To fix this would I have to look into apothecary? never used it yet…

i think the macro should stop the fmod player from compiling but the libarry is still in the visual studio project. So apart from defining the macro (at the project level not in your app code) you need to remove libfmodex from the project

oh my fault.
After defining the macro at the OF level everything worked. no need to do anything else in the VS project. Do you usually set this macros in the ofConstants.h?

in ofConstants or even in the visual studio project.