Is ofxAssimpModelLoader supported on raspberry pi?

Hey all, I’m trying to use the ofxAssimpModelLoader add on with open frameworks 0.8 on a raspberry pi. Unfortunately I’m running into a couple problems.

The first is that if I add a reference to ofxAssimpModelLoader to my addons.make file and put code to use the library in my app, I get errors about failing to find ofxAssimpModelLoader.h. I was able to fix this so my app compiles and runs by manually adding the addons/ofxAssimpModelLoader/libs/assimp/include/ path as a PROJECT_EXTERNAL_SOURCE_PATHS entry in my config.make.

The second problem seems to be more serious, I can’t get anything to load with loadModel(). Everything I throw at it causes a segfault that crashes my program. I was worried that maybe the 3D models I was trying to load were too complex, but even the most simple cube 3D model (only 12 triangles) in various formats still causes the segfault.

I was also poking around in the examples, and noticed on my raspberry pi the assimpExample isn’t there. This, and the fact I had to muck with my makefile config to get it to build, makes me think ofxAssimpModelLoader isn’t supported on raspberry pi. I wanted to confirm though, is ofxAssimpModelLoader supported on the raspberry pi?

If it’s not supported, does anyone know of an easy alternative to load a 3D model that works on the pi? Thanks!

If anyone is curious, as a workaround I found I can load a model on my computer with ofxAssimpModelLoader, grab all the meshes with getMesh, and save them to .ply files. When I copy these over to my raspberry pi they load perfectly with ofMesh’s load function.

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hi tdicola,
did you ever get any of the model loading add-ons working on the RPi or you stopped with your work-around…?


you can use as alternative the ofx3DModelLoader addon, and you can load a .3ds model easily.

thanks for this hint.
i’m using this add-on now but having trouble making proper .3ds files for it.
namely, i’m trying to get files from 123catch, like this one:

you can get an stl or a .obj with .mtl (for texture).
i’m trying to convert them to .3ds with Rhino, or Blender; but the converted .3ds doesn’t show up.
any thoughts?

Yes, i know this problem. I have this with Blender .3ds exporter, if i remember right it was a problem with normals flipped. i can confirm this in the next hours, now i can’t look at my old models. You can try also as a test import them in Mesh lab or assimp visualizer if they are correct you will not encounter any issues. I think there are also some my old posts about this.

p.s. you can have issue also if you have not a texture. check this before… .3ds model needs a tex.

I’m trying ofxAssimpModelLoader using 9.2 on the rpi 2. Compiled fine, then wouldn’t run. I tracked it down to: ofxAssimpModelLoader model in the cpp file by commenting out everything and then commenting back in line by line.

I moved ofxAssimpModelLoader model over to the .h file as a private variable. It complied and ran. Then I un commented everything and Wow 3D models on the Pi!!!

Example code here: